Reproductions Licensing

  • The Library owns its own copyright in every Reproduction supplied – this is separate from any copyrights that may subsist in the original material
  • If you wish to publicly disseminate a Reproduction – for example, in a publication, website, exhibition or broadcast – you must first apply for the Library’s permission in the form of a Licence
  • If the original material is not out of copyright, you will also need the permission of the relevant copyright owner(s) – the Library cannot grant permission on behalf of a third part



See our current charges (PDF, 420KB)


How to apply

  • You can apply for a Licence using the Reproductions Order Form
  • Once we receive your application, we will send you a Licence for you to sign and return to us, and a Payment Summary so you can pay the relevant fee online with a credit or debit card
  • If we have not already supplied the Reproduction, you can order it at the same time as the Licence using the Reproductions Order Form, and we will send you a Payment Summary for the total amount to include the cost of the Reproduction and the applicable Licence fee
  • Once you have signed the Licence and made payment, we will send you a confirmed Licence authorising use of the material
  • We reserve the right to request, as a condition of the Licence, a copy of the physical item containing the material once it becomes available