Everyware Terms and Conditions of Use

Before using the Everyware service you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of use below. You only need to do this once before using the Everyware the first time.

  1. Devices are issued for use in the Library only and may not be removed from the Library for any reason, for any amount of time.  Devices must not be left unattended in the Library at any time.
  2. Devices must be returned to the Service Desk no later than 15 minutes prior to Library closure.
  3. You are responsible for devices issued to you. You agree to reimburse the Library for the cost of replacing a device and/or accessories in the event of damage to or non-return of a device or accessories issued to you, and accept the Library’s sole jurisdiction in relation to determining replacement costs.
  4. You agree to abide by the Janet Acceptable Use Policy  and the University of London’s Equality Policy. You must not attempt to download or install software onto devices, and will be responsible for any damage arising from such activity.
  5. The Library accepts no responsibility or liability for any data loss that may occur while using a device. Documents, browsing history and other personal items are wiped automatically when a device is shut down or rebooted. You are advised to take appropriate steps to prevent data loss by saving your work to a removable drive or online service.
  6. Only one device may be issued to the same library member at once.
  7. The Library does not guarantee availability of devices, and reserves the right to limit the loan period of a device, or to withdraw access to the Everyware service at any time without notice.
  8. The Library reserves the right to withdraw a member’s access to the Everyware service if any of these Terms and Conditions are breached or if staff have reason to believe such a breach is likely.