The Everyware service provides Library members with free notebook and iPad loans for use within the Library:

  • MacBook Air 11'
  • MacBook Pro 13'
  • Dell 13'
  • iPad


Available for Library members

Library members can borrow an Everyware device. Day ticket holders are not eligible to use this service, but are welcome to use the Library’s desktop PCs or bring their own devices.

(A small number of desktop PCs are also available in the Library for access to the Library’s catalogue and e-resources.)


Loaning a device

To use Everyware, go to the Service Desk on the 4th floor. The first time you use the service you must sign to agree to the Everyware Terms and Conditions of Use.

Everyware devices can be used anywhere in the Library, but they may not be removed from the Library. If you wish to leave the Library for any reason, devices should be returned and a new device can be borrowed when you return.


Using a device, and saving work

You use an Everyware device in much the same way that you would use your own device or a desktop PC. However, you cannot permanently save work to an Everyware device as they are wiped after use. We recommend you save your work to removable media such as a USB stick or upload it to a cloud service such as Dropbox before switching the device off.

When using Everyware devices and the Library wireless and wired networks, you must abide by the Janet acceptable use policy and must not install software on the device.


Returning a device

When you have finished with an iPad, just return it to the Service Desk. When you have finished using a Macbook or Windows laptop, return it to its locker in the Service Hall using the key provided and return the key to the Service Desk. Devices should be returned no later than 30 minutes before the Library closes.


Loss or damage of a device

Provided you do not leave an Everyware device unattended, remove it from the Library or damage a device, this should not happen. In the unlikely event of loss, theft or damage, you will need to reimburse the Library for the replacement costs.


Questions and feedback

If you have any issues using a device please contact the Information Systems team at information.systems@london.ac.uk.