Inter-Library loans and copies (for SHL members)

If you are a member of Senate House Library and you want to consult an item that is not in stock, we can try to obtain it from another Library on your behalf as an Interlibrary Request.

Other libraries can order loans and copies of Senate House Library material through our Library Loans and Copies service.


How Interlibrary Requests work

  • If you need a single chapter, article, law report or conference paper for non-commercial research or private  study, you can order the item as a copy – which you can keep
  • Otherwise, you can order a loan of  the entire item
  • If you order a loan, you may not be able to take it home – this is up to the library that supplies it. You should specify when you order if it is essential that you are able to take the item  home. The loan period is also set by the supplying library, although it is  usually at least 4 weeks
  • Most UK theses are available through the British Library’s EThOS service



Loan from UK library £24.20
Copy from UK library £14.60
Loan from overseas library £35.00
Copy from overseas library £14.60


Placing an order

Please complete our online order form. We will then contact you – usually within 2 working days – to confirm  we are processing your request.


Overseas  applications

If the item cannot be supplied by a  library in the UK, we can apply to overseas libraries if you request this. We will contact you to confirm the price once we have found an overseas library willing to supply the item.


Delivery time

  • We can normally obtain items  from UK libraries within 10 days, although if we have to apply to successive  libraries in turn it can take longer. Overseas applications also usually take  several weeks
  • You can specify a deadline when you place your request, which we will use as a guide. However, we cannot guarantee we will able to cancel requests once placed: if the item has already been sent by the supplying library you will be required to pay the full amount



  • Once an item is available we will contact you. If the request is for a copy it can then be supplied by email (in some cases), posted out or collected from the Library
  • Loans can be collected from the Library, although you will need to return loaned items to the Service Desk each day if they have been loaned for library use only



The charge will be added to your Library account once the request has been satisfied.


Contact us | 020 7862 8447