Fines – the cost per day

Fines are charged at a rate of 30p per day per book or 10p per hour for a laptop key . Please be aware that fines are calculated when you return items, so you will not see any fines accrued on overdue items until then.  It always remains the reader’s responsibility to return or renew books on time. Therefore, it is important that you check your account regularly and are aware of when your items are due.


Paying a fine

  • You can pay online via the University of London Online Store.
  • You can pay any fines at the 4th floor Service or Membership desks using cash, or a debit or credit card
  • Alternatively, you can telephone the library on 020 7862 8460 during opening hours and a member of staff will take your card details
  • For advice regarding fines, please email


“Billed” items – when the Library bills you for loss of a book

  • After 34 days we assume an overdue book may be lost and we will bill you for a replacement
  • If a billed item is returned, the bill will be cancelled and replaced with an overdue fine of up to £10.20.  (Overdue fines are charged at 30p per day for each day the library is open).
  • If you have lost a book, the bill for a replacement copy is £50, or £10 if you provide an identical replacement book yourself
  • If you pay the £50 replacement charge, or replace the book yourself and pay the £10 administration fee, we will waive any fines for the late return of the book
  • Please note, overdue fines cannot be waived if you fail, for whatever reason, to receive a courtesy notice


Accessing the Library – with fines, or if a book has been recalled

  • If you have fines of more than £10.00 you will be unable to order items from the Stack Service or Offsite Store, reserve items on loan or access the Library’s electronic resources
  • If a book has been recalled, you will be prevented from renewing it and must return the book by its due date to prevent fines accruing.  In this way you will avoid overdue charges and contribute to a more efficient reservation service.
  • If you have an overdue book that has been recalled, you will be prevented from renewing any of your other books online until the recalled book has been returned, although you can renew the other books by phone or at the library 4th floor Service Desk
  • If you have a billed book, you will be unable to use the Library until the billed book has been returned or replaced
  • You may view any existing fines by logging in to your account and selecting unpaid fines


Renewing books – if your membership has expired, but your course is continuing

If your Senate House Library card has expired, but you are continuing your course, please visit the Membership Desk with the correct ID and staff will be able to renew your membership and then renew your books.  Please note that books will continue to accrue fines after your membership has expired, until you come in with your new correct id.  If you are having problems obtaining the correct id., please contact