Searching for maps in the library’s main catalogue

The general guide to searching for items held in the Senate House library applies to searching for maps as well. A few points to make are:

  1. When looking for maps, keyword search is normally the most helpful option, unless you know the exact name of the author or the title. E.g. When looking for maps of the Channel Islands, key in Channel Islands maps and you will be presented with a list of items whose records include these three words. Always use maps in the plural even if you are looking for a particular map.
  2. If the number of hits is too high (you may get also books with maps in them), you have the option of modifying the search by using the Advanced search. There you will be offered a range of limiting options. If you set material type to MAP, you will get only maps.
  3. Some geographic areas are covered by map series in which cases there are no individual records for separate sheets. E.g. Ordnance Survey series cover Great Britain at a range of scales.
  4. At present, it is not possible to search for maps by scale on the main catalogue. However, JISC Library Hub Discover does have this option. From the Main Catalogue, choose JISC Library Hub Discover, and choose Map search. Enter your search terms and select the Library as Senate House Libraries, and you can then specify 'Held at’ Senate House Library.


The Map Collection is available by prior appointment only. 

If you require information or want to request items from the Collection, please contact the Service Desk, 4th Floor, or email:

The maps, with the exception of wall maps, are for reference only. Photocopying legislation must be observed at all times. Maps may not be photocopied on the self-service machines — please ask a staff member to arrange for copying on your behalf.