Fines and charges

The current overdue fine for late returned books in the Senate House Library Collections is 30p per day. The maximum charge for a book that is returned late is £10.20. Readers are not able to borrow or renew books if they have a fine over £10.00.

The current overdue fine for a laptop key is 10p per hour.

You can pay online via the University of London Online Store.

Lost books — fees, and other options

The replacement charge for lost books is £50.00 per item.  The Library accepts replacement copies for lost or damaged items, in addition there is a £10.00 administration fee to pay.  The book should be an exact replacement of the item lost.  The library will accept second hand copies in good condition.  Please contact the relevant Research Librarian if you require further information regarding replacing the lost book.

Please note: once you have either replaced or paid for a lost book, no refund can be provided if you subsequently find the missing item, or it is later returned to the library.

Lost library cards

Lost library cards may be replaced for a £5.00 fee.

Lost laptop keys

Lost laptop keys may be replaced for a £15.00 fee.