British Government Publications

18th, 19th and 20th-century parliamentary papers are now available in full-text online:

The Senate House Library print collection contains primarily 19th and 20th century material, although some earlier material is held, such as Journals of the House of Lords and Commons, and the Oceana reprint of House of Lords papers 1714-1805. The Goldsmiths’ Collection contains much early parliamentary material.

Other 19th century material held in the Collection includes Commons Votes, Divisions Lists, Standing orders of both Houses, Debates and Statutes.  Between 1970 and 2001 the Library received most HMSO-published Non-Parliamentary publications. Before 1970 these were acquired selectively and are entered in the Online Card Catalogue. In some instances, important monographs have been shelved with the appropriate subject collection. Please ask at the 4th floor Enquiry Desk for assistance.

Senate House Library holds print backruns of many UK statistical titles most of which are at the Depostory Library. Holdings are recorded in the online catalogue. For information on online official statistics see the Gateway to National Statistics.