How do I print a document in the library?

Our answer:

In August 2017 we implemented a new printing system called PaperCut.

If you are using PaperCut for the first time you need to register for an account. To register you first need to log in to your Library Account and tick the check box to create a printing and copying account. See the PaperCut print guide for more information.

Once you have a PaperCut Account you can print documents from laptops and desktop machines using our PaperCut print service.

Add print credit to your Library card using the online payment system or from the Service Desk.

Printing from SHL Computers

  1. To print from an SHL computer select print and send your document to uol_warburg_printing on uni-studprint1
  2. Log in to your PaperCut account
  3. Your document will automatically be sent to the copiers
  4. To print your document log in at the copier

Printing from mobile devices and laptops

  1. To print from your laptop use the following link and log in to PaperCut
  2. Drag your document onto the page or upload from your device and click on upload & complete
  3. Your document will automatically be sent to the copiers
  4. Documents will remain in the print queue for 48 hours before they are automatically deleted
  5. Remember to log out when you have finished

You can find out more about printing from the copying, printing and scanning page, or from our PaperCut print guide (PDF, 340 kb).

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