Other information

Where can I get drinks or food?

There is a cafe on the ground floor of Senate House, behind the ceremonial stairs. Please note, we do not allow eating or drinking in the library,other than bottled water.


Where is Lost Property?

Lost property is kept at the Service Desk on the 4th floor.


Where can I use my notebook computer?

Computers may be set up anywhere in the Library and connected to any free power socket. Access to the Internet is possible by WiFi or network cable (available from the Service Desk). Your membership number on the front of your Library card is your user name and your password is your surname in lower case letters e.g. smith. Please ask staff at the Service Desk if you require any assistance.

You may also connect to the wireless network using the Eduroam service if your home institution is a member. You must set this up before coming to the Library as staff are not able to assist with setting up authentication to your home institution.

Please note that the use of your own computer within the Library is at your own risk. We strongly advise that you do not leave notebooks or personal posessions unattended.


When do the service points close?

They close 15 minutes before the advertised Library closing time. Photocopiers and printers are also switched off 15 minutes before the advertised Library closing time.


Can I buy stationery in the Library?

Basic stationery such as pens, pencils and A4 notepads are available for sale from the Service Desk, 4th floor.


How do I pay for photocopies?

If you have a photo-type Library card, please add credit using the top-up Kiosk or visit the Service Desk. If you have a ‘day ticket’ type card without a space for a photo on the front please visit the Service Desk and ask for a temporary printing card. This comes with £5.00 credit which is paid for when you have completed your photocopying. All temporary printing cards must be returned to the Service Desk before leaving the Library.

Please note that credit added to photo-type Library cards is non-refundable.


What can I photocopy without breaching copyright regulations

  • Generally you may not copy more than one chapter or 5% of a volume, whichever is the smaller.
  • In the case of journals you may not copy more than one article per issue of the journal.
  • Multiple copying is usually not permitted.


How can I get an inter-library loan?

We strongly advise you to approach your college or local library to see if they can arrange an inter-library loan on your behalf. Please note that there is a charge for this service.


Finding items in the Library


Where can I get help searching for information on a specific topic?

Please ask staff at the Service Desk, 4th floor.


How can I find a newspaper article?

Newspaper articles can be found using International Newsstream. For the Times, The Times Digital Archive covers 1785-1985, and our ProQuest subscription covers 1992 to date. The microfilm is available from 1788-. Many back issues of the New York Times are available on microfilm. The database, 19th Century British Library Newspapers is also available.

More information can be found in our Newspapers and Current Affairs library guide.


How can I find a book that isn’t in the Library catalogue?

If the book was published before 1980 be sure that you have checked the Online Card Catalogue as well as the Main Catalogue. If the book does not appear in the card catalogue, then you can check other libraries’ catalogues over the Internet in the Middlesex South Reading Room. Start with other libraries in London using the Inform25 service. If there is no record of the book in London you can try the catalogue of the British Library or other university libraries on JISC Library Hub Discover. This gives access to the merged online catalogues of many major University, Specialist, and National Libraries in the UK and Ireland, including the British Library.


How can I find a journal that isn’t in the Library catalogue?

A journal that is not held by the Library can be looked for in the Union List of Serials for London, or the Inform25 catalogue for academic libraries in the London area. If no library within the University takes a journal then it is possible to check the holdings of university libraries elsewhere in the UK, and the British Library, on JISC Library Hub Discover..


Are University of London Exam papers available in the Library?

The Library holds exam papers for all examinations conducted by the Central University from 1836-present. We also hold some exam papers for School and Higher School Certificate examinations. We do not hold exam papers for examinations set by individual colleges or insitiutes of the University. Please enquire at the Service Desk, 4th floor. For more information see our Examination Papers library guide.


Does the Library hold daily newspapers?

The Library does not receive daily papers. However, there are links to the web versions of many major newspapers, and newspaper articles can be found using International Newsstream. For the Times, the Times Digital Archive covers 1785-1985, and our ProQuest subscription covers 1992 to date. The database, 19th Century British Library Newspapers, is also available.


How can I find a thesis?

The Library no longer holds copies of all University of London research degree theses. Please refer to the individual college for theses – the college awarding the thesis will be given on the catalogue record. It may be possible to download theses from the Ethos website. Theses awarded by other universities in Great Britain can be located using the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses UK & Ireland. Theses awarded by American, Canadian and some European universities can be located using ProQuest Dissertations and Theses A & I. These ProQuest services do not include the full text. More information can be found in our Theses library guide.


What happens if I lose my membership card?

  • Library memberships are non-transferable and may only be used by the person named on the card.
  • Your library membership card is required to use the library. You cannot borrow books without it.
  • If you do lose your card please go to the membership desk on the 4th floor of Senate House or contact the membership team at shl.membership@london.ac.uk. There is a replacement charge of £5.
  • Please make sure you bring your card with you every time you visit, as you will only be allowed to make three visits to the library each year using a temporary reference only ticket. Temporary reference only tickets are available from the 4th floor Membership Desk.

Please remember that you are responsible for everything borrowed on your account, including fines for late renewal or return, and replacement charges for any item not returned.


Where can I get additional help?

Please ask staff at the Service Desk, 4th floor for assistance or contact one of our Research Librarians.