Pelling Collection

The collection

Some 800 British left-wing political pamphlets from the 1880s to the 1970s. Many emanate from or pertain to the Communist Party of Great Britain. Others concern the Labour Party, the Independent Labour Party, or RILU, the Red International of Labor Unions, with a few anti-Communist pamphlets. Items range from leaflets to newsletters and to substantial booklets; topics range from election manifestos to conference reports, lectures, party manuals, histories, and song books.  The Second World War period is well covered. Over ten per cent of the items are not recorded on Copac or OCLC.

The collector

Collected by the British labour historian Henry Pelling (1920-1997; see ODNB).


Donated by Prof. Alastair Reid, British trade union and labour historian at Girton College, Cambridge, in 2015.


Catalogued online 2016. For an overview of the collection, do a mixed classmark search on [Pelling].