H.G. Wells Collection

The collection

330 volumes of first and subsequent editions and translations of works by H.G. Wells (1866-1946), together with some critical and biographical works about him. The variety and number of editions make the collection a valuable source for textual revisions and variants, and for accompanying introductory, critical and illustrative matter, while the cheaper paperbacks and translations attest to Wells’s impact as a popular novelist. The important Atlantic Edition of Wells’s works, published between 1924 and 1927, is also present. Nine items are annotated by Wells’s biographer, Michael Foot.

The collection reflects Wells’s extraordinary contributions to fiction, journalism, futurology, the history of science, education, and to the social, sexual, religious and political questions of his times.



The collection was established in 1962 as a collaboration between the Library and the H.G. Wells Society, to which both parties contributed. In 2012 the Society generously donated 160 volumes to enhance the existing collection.



The collection was catalogued online in 2012. For an overview of the collection, do a mixed classmark search on [Wells].
The collection is held off-site and material requires 48 hours (excluding weekends) to be fetched.


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Select publications

H.G. Wells: a Comprehensive Bibliography. 4th ed. rev. (London: H.G. Wells Society, 1986).

Video: The H.G. Wells Collection at Senate House Library – an introduction by Patrick Parrinder, Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading and a Vice President of the H.G. Wells Society.


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