Goldsmiths’ Library supplementary collections

Rastrick Collection

The collection of John Urpeth Rastrick, civil and mechanical engineer, and railway pioneer. In 1908, 250 items from the collection were bought with a grant from the Goldsmiths’ Company, and incorporated into the transport history section of the Goldsmiths’ Library. Contains 211 printed books of 1768-1887, mostly 1821-50 and almost all railway (with a few canal) engineering reports and prospectuses, manuscript notebooks, specifications and estimates.


Reform Club Pamphlets 

Bought from the Reform Club in 1964, comprising most of the pamphlets then in the Club’s Library, except the Panizzi collection. Consists of 360 volumes containing 4,000 pamphlets on political, economic and social subjects (1770-1910, but mostly pre-1880).


Sabatier Collection

The first of a series of major additions to the Goldsmiths’ Library funded by the Goldsmiths’ Company, bought in 1906. Contains c.1000 books and pamphlets on French monetary history, especially during the revolutionary period but extending from 1651 to 1852.


Sheffield Collection

In 1907 the Library bought (Sotheby’s, 4 Nov.) part of the collection of John Baker Holroyd, 1st Earl of Sheffield, a leading economic authority of his time, comprising 260 books and pamphlets, 54 Acts and Proclamations of 1650-51 and 6 volumes of his scrapbooks.


Temperance Collection

Acquired in 1930 from the collection of James Turner of Manchester, c.500 volumes on the Temperance Movement in the 19th century, including some rare periodicals. It augments the Goldsmiths’ Library holdings on temperance and moral reform.