Ethel M. Wood Biblical Collection

The collection

Over 400 English and American Bibles and books on biblical studies. The earliest printed item in the collection is the Expositio Hymnorum, printed by Antoine Caillaut in 1492/3 (ISTC IE00150500); the most noteworthy is the Floure of the Commandments, printed by Wynkyn de Worde (1521). Among the 32 sixteenth-century and 51 seventeenth-century works, notable items include first editions of the Matthew (1537), Taverner (1539) and Geneva (1560) Bibles. Several volumes have notes typical of family Bibles. Bindings include an example by Samuel Mearne (1624-1683), fore-edge paintings, and Art Nouveau-style bindings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


The collector

Primarily the collection of Ethel Mary Wood, née Hogg (1876-1970), daughter and biographer of the merchant and philanthropist Quintin Hogg (1845-1903).



Deposited in 1950 and bequeathed, with additional volumes, in 1970. Additions are made to the collection from time to time from a modest purchase fund.



For an overview of the collection do a mixed classmark search on [E.M.W.]. Items [E.M.W.] 420 and following are later additions. An author search on “Wood, Ethel Mary” as former owner will isolate items owned by her.

The collection is held off-site and material requires 48 hours (excluding weekends) to be fetched.


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