Crofton Collection

The collection

296 little books, typically 12-14 centimetres in height. English and French literature, especially poetry, of the eighteenth century predominates, with several texts in multiple editions (e.g. Pope’s Homer; Dryden’s Virgil; Cowper’s poems; Hannah More’s Sacred Dramas; Thompson’s Seasons). There is also some devotional and travel literature. Most of the titles are in English, with one quarter in French. 64% of the titles were printed  in the first half of the nineteenth century, with another 27% emanating from the second half of the eighteenth century.


The collector

Cecil Frederick Crofton (1858 or 9-1935; real name Frederick Martin), an actor, especially of comic roles, whose theatrical heyday was 1882-1896.



Donated by Crofton in 1932.



Catalogued online 2002. For an overview of the library, do a mixed classmark search on [C.C.] or an author search on “Crofton, Cecil F.” as former owner. The former will bring up items in classified order.


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