Catalogues and finding aids

Online Catalogues

Many Special Collections and rare and early printed books are listed on the Library Catalogue.

Named Special Collections can be browsed via a ‘mixed/local’ classmark search for a collection’s classmark, e.g. [S.L.] for the Sterling Library or [G.L.] for the Goldsmiths Library.

Books from a specific donor or former owner can be found via an author search.

Search the Archives and Manuscript Catalogue.

Reference number searches can be carried out under ‘Advanced Search’.

Many archive collections are fully listed to item or file level, or detailed box lists can be viewed as attachments to collection level descriptions.


Online Card Catalogue

As well as the online catalogue, a large number of  printed items acquired by the Library before 1980 are listed on a digitised Card Catalogue only. This includes many early European editions and nineteenth-century works. The catalogue can be browsed online by author.


Handlists of collections

Printed catalogues and handlists of many collections are available in the Historic Collections Reading Room.

Selected handlists have also been digitised and can be viewed online via the pages for named Special Collections or through the Archives and Manuscript Catalogue.