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These are the records created by the University’s Central Administration, which are now catalogued online. Before 1900, the role of the University was limited to examining and conferring degrees but, after that date, it expanded its responsibilities to include teaching and research and became a federal university. The University developed its international role through the External System.

There is also material on the discussion prior to the 1900 change and much material on the building of Senate House itself. A full set of minutes of the Senate, from 1837, and minutes of the Court, Academic Council, Boards of Studies and other committee papers are held.

Lord Beauchamp, Chancellor of the University, 1930 (ref.UoL/FG/5/2)

The Archive does not hold students’ personal files or examination pass lists (these are kept by the individual Institutes and Colleges or with the External and Internal Student Administration Division of the University).

Records not already in the public domain are usually open for research subject to the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act. Staff can advise on conditions of access.


Guides to holdings

University Archive Catalogue

Hard copies of the catalogues of the University archives are available at Senate House Library. These comprise a full catalogue of archives (mostly archives up to circa 1980) and lists of more recent University archives. The Archives  Catalogue includes pdf copies of the summary guide and of the full catalogues. There are also pdf lists of archives added more recently to the University archive.  More recent accessions are described directly on to the online archives catalogue.


Governance and strategy development

  1. Collegiate Council: minutes (ref CC1)
  2. Collegiate Council; Ad Hoc Committees (ref CC4)
  3. Central File (ref CF1)
  4. Convocation and Committees (ref CN1-4)
  5. Court: minutes (ref CT1)
  6. Court: Committee on Academic Organisation (ref CT9)
  7. Court: Functions & Ceremonies (ref CT7) (see also Photographs)
  8. Committee on Academic Organisation (ref CT9)
  9. External Council: minutes, and committees (ref EC1-2)


External Relations

  1. Overseas Colleges in Special Relationship (ref AC11)
  2. Athlone Press (ref AP1-4)
  3. University of London Press and Printing (ref CF2)
  4. Registration Officer (ref RG1-24)


Research and Development

  1. Brown Animal Sanatory Institution (ref BR1-2)
  2. Centre of International and Area Studies (ref CA1-3)
  3. University Observatory (ref OB1-2)
  4. Physiological Laboratory (ref PL1-5)


Resource Management

  1. Accountant (ref AT1-12)
  2. University Computing Services (ref CP1-13)
  3. Court: Commmittee on Accommo & Equipment (ref CT2)
  4. Court: Building & Equipment (ref CT3)
  5. Court: Benefactions (ref CT4)
  6. Court: Finance & Statistics (ref CT6)
  7. Court: Estates (ref CT8)
  8. Library Resources Coordinating Committee (ref LR1-6)
  9. Organisation and Methods Unit (ref OM1-3)
  10. Registrar’s Office: General Administration (ref RO1)
  11. Central Staff Association and affiliated clubs (ref SA1-4)
  12. SCOLLUL (libraries) (ref SL1-5)
  13. University Library (ref UL)


Student Administration and Support

  1. Careers Advisory Service (ref CB1)
  2. Collegiate Council: Sports facilities (ref CC2)
  3. Collegiate Council: Student Accommodation (ref CC3)
  4. Commerce Degree Bureau (ref CD1-16)
  5. Central Registry (ref CR1)
  6. External Council:Advisory service (ref EC3)
  7. External Council: Registration, Higher Degrees (ref EC5-6)
  8. Examinations Department (ref EX1-6)
  9. Military Education Committee/OTC (ref ME) – see also Photographs
  10. Registrar’s Office: Examinations (ref RO2)
  11. School Examinations Board (ref SE1-3)
  12. University of London Union (ref UN)


Teaching and Learning

  1. Academic Council (ref AC 1)
  2. Academic Registrar (ref AC2)
  3. Joint Standing Committee (Academic/Collegiate) (ref AC4)
  4. Faculties (ref AC5)
  5. Faculty Boards (ref AC6)
  6. Academic Advisory Boards (ref AC7)
  7. Boards of Studies (ref AC8)
  8. Special Advisory Boards (ref AC9)
  9. Special Advisory Committees (ref AC10)
  10. Teachers Section (ref AC12)
  11. Scholarships (ref AC13)
  12. Central Research Fund (ref AC14)
  13. Lectures (published) (ref AC15)



  1. Convocation (ref CN6)
  2. Court: Functions/Ceremonies: Foundation Day (ref CT7/1/15)
  3. Court: Photographs of Chairmen (ref CT10)
  4. External Council: Registrars (ref EC4/1-2)
  5. Military Education/OTC (ref ME2/7)



  1. Diplomas of Alice Sanderson. (ref CN5)


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