Trotskyist archive sources

This guide to Trotskyist archives is not intended to be exhaustive. It includes archival collections held by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and also the Institute of Latin American Studies. The guide complements the Archives Catalogue, which includes a subject search facility.

Socalist Anti-War Front leaflet, 1938 (MS1117/box 8/file2)
Socialist Anti-War Front leaflet (Higgins Richardson, MS1117/box 8/file 2)
  • Edward Crawford collection: periodicals including Workers News, Socialist Appeal, Marxist Bulletin, pamphlets, c1966-c1978.
  • Edward Crawford papers: correspondence, draft articles, discussion papers, c1929-c2001. Correspondents include Ian Birchnall, Nils K. Dahl, Albert Glotzer, Paolo Casciolo, Laurens Otter, Tim Wohlforth, Harrison Salisbury, Christopher Hitchens, Ludwik Hass, C. L. R. James, Walter Kendall, and Robert Conquest.
  • Will Fancy papers, c1936-c2008: subject files include International Socialist Group, 1967-1969; Victory for Socialism, 1958-1962; International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party internal bulletins, c1959-1966; Socialist Labour League bulletins, circulars, c1958-c1969. 
  • Stephen Graham lecture on Lenin and Trotsky, 1931.
  • Ron Heisler collections, MS1174, MS1186: includes correspondence of Clarence Chrysostom with Sri Lankan Trotskyists, c1974-1999.
  • Jim Higgins / Al Richardson collection: includes Spartacists League / Workers Vanguard pamphlets, papers, 1964-2001; International Socialists minutes, circulars, discussion papers, 1960s-1970s; Socialist Review minutes, 1952-1956; International Marxist Group papers, 1963-1967; Workers Socialist League, c1977-1983; Workers Power bulletins, c1975-1992; letters relating to Hugo Dewar, Harry Wicks, Reg Groves.
  • Baruch Hirson papers: subjects include Workers' International League; Workers' Party; Trotskyism in South Africa; Workers Organisation for Socialist Action, c1980-1994.
  • C. L. R. James papers on West Indian politics, 1940-1965.
  • Balazs Nagy papers (also known as Michel Varga) including Workers Revolutionary Party, c1976-c1995; Workers International, 1990-2014; memoirs of the rising in Hungary, 1956; Combat International, c1972-1988; Trotskyism in Eastern Europe, 1960s-1970s; Fourth International; Liga Internacionalista de los Trabajadores, c1974-1997.
  • Posadas circulars, 1963-1981: subjects include the Fourth International, Trotskyism.
  • Ernest Rogers correspondence, c1944-c1998.
  • Sri Lankan Trotskyism, 1944-, PP.CE, MS1174, MS1186.
  • Trotsky and black nationalism, c1990.
  • Workers’ Party of South Africa, 1938-1944: papers including aims and appeals for support, 1944.

Senate House Library also has significant holdings of published Trotskyist material. Descriptions are included in the main library catalogue.

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