Psychic investigations, magic and the paranormal: archive sources

Joanna Southcott's box (Harry Price archive, HPI/2/10)

This guide to archives relating to psychic investigations, magic and the paranormal is not intended to be exhaustive. It complements the archives catalogue, which includes a subject search facility.

  • Harry Price (1881-1948) was a psychic investigator and author who achieved great renown.  His extensive archive includes details of experiments regarding psychic phenomena and witchcraft.
  • Harold Frost (1892-1975) became interested in psychic research in the 1920s in Essex and other areas.  His papers include scrapbooks with notes of sittings with mediums of various circles.
  • Trevor Hall was the author of Search for Harry Price, 1978.  His correspondence, 1956-1986, included subjects such as Eric Dingwall's life after retirement and Harry Price.
  • Ida Holden retired from her job at Mirror Group Newspapers in 1959.  Her papers include details of the alleged thought transference from Cecil King and Lord Northcliffe thereafter.
  • Edinburgh seances, 1921-1936. Emmeline Vyner, who lived in Edinburgh in the 1930s, had a firm belief in life after death but her accounts could be critical and humorous.  Her papers comprise manuscript and typed records of spiritualist meetings, voice circles, and card readings.
  • Caroline Rhys-Davids (1857-1942) became involved with spirit communications and telepathy, and published on the subject after the death of her only son, Arthur, during the First World War.  Her papers comprise diaries and notebooks containing automatic writing and notes on the afterlife.
  • Francis Rolt-Wheeler (1876-1960) was a prolific writer who had a second career as an occultist.  Rolt-Wheeler's works included a ten volume science history of the universe.  He was the author of The Twenty Two Keys of Protection, c1940.
  • Anne Rushout, who died in 1849, was the daughter of John,1st Baron Northwick of Northwick Park, Worcestershire.  Her diaries, 1828-1849, illustrate her interest in spiritualism.
Cigarette case with investigators' signatures (Harry Price archive, HPI/1/2)
  • Eric Dingwall (1890-1986) wrote several books including Ghosts and Spirits in the Ancient World, 1930.  His archive includes correspondence with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini and Harry Price as well as details of investigations into paranormal events.
  • Matthew Manning was born in 1955. He became famous with the publication of his first book, The Link, in 1974.  The Link and In the Minds of Millions (1977) were autobiographical works which described psychic phenomena. His papers include automatic drawings.
  • Paul Tabori (1908-1974), a notable author and screenwriter in his own right, was a close friend and the literary executor of Harry Price.  Tabori's papers include drafts of books and articles which illustrate his interest in the supernatural world.
  • John Lord completed a doctorate on the relevance of philosophy to psychical research.  His papers include his writings on parapsychology, astrology, pseudoscience, UFOs, evidence for paranormal events, and oracles.