Sophia De Morgan

Letter from Sophia De Morgan concerning anti-slavery campaigning [c.1850s]

Sophie De Morgan

Fol. 1 r.


Dear Mr Chadwick


I thank you for your

letter and newspaper slip

I should have replied

by your messenger, but

that I wished for time

to read & consider Lord

Shaftesbury letter


At the time when

a few friends met to consider

the expediency of an address

to the United States (suggested

in the first instance by

the author of “Uncle Tom

in England”) the feeling


Sophie De Morgan

Fol. 1 v.


was strongly expressed that

the remonstrance should not

be signed by women only.

We believed that to confine

an expression of such general

feeling to women, would

be to deprive it of that

dignity and weight which

it would have as coming

from “Englishmen and

Englishwomen”. We wished

it to be National.


This is so strongly my own

feeling that I should be

disinclined to take part

in an exclusive movement

but in this I only speak

for myself & this in consequence

of Lord [Ashley] Shaftesbury’s

[….] proposal for a



Fol. 2 r.


meeting of ladies.


We had carefully

avoided publication in the

newspapers, because

the immediate publication

of the design in America

would follow [as a matter

of course. The publication

in a measure binds] the

English to something, as failure

now might be considered by

the slave holders a proof

of apathy, [however as the

plan is put forward by

the public man like Lord

Shaftesbury, there is little

danger of entire failure, & we

can only leave the whole

in his Lordships hands]


I will inform Mr Nicolay

of the contents of your


Sophie De Morgan

Fol. 2 v.


kind letter – and he

will I do not doubt

communicate with you

or directly with Lord Carlile

on the subject.


With kind remembrance

to Mrs Chadwick, and

many thanks, I am

dear Sir

yours very truly

Sophia De Morgan


7 Camden Street