Ladies' Educational Association

Memorial of the Executive Committee of the Ladies' Educational Association

16 April 1874


Ladies' Educational Association

Fol. 1 r.


To the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Senate of the

University of London


The respectful Memorial of the Undersigned

Members of the Executive Committee of the Ladies'

Educational Association, London


Sheweth as follows

1. The above mentioned Association was formed in January One thousand

eight hundred and sixty nine for the purpose of placing within the reach of young women

after leaving School opportunities for the systematic pursuit of higher studies. With this view

Ladies' classes have been opened at now University College, London, under the care of the

Professors of that Institution, and during the present session the Classes have been attended

by three hundred and fifteen regular students.

2. There is reason to believe that many of these Students would greatly value access to

the ordinary examinations for matriculation and for degrees in Arts at the University of

London: and that to some of them who are or who are likely to be engaged in teaching

the possession of Certificates and of degrees shewing that they had passed these

Examinations would be of material value in their professions.

3. The language of the Supplementary Charter of 1867 greatly restricts the

liberty of the Senate in extending the advantages of the University to women; and

it is very desirable to obtain from the Crown a new Charter which may enable the Senate

to admit women to any of the ordinary examinations for degrees which may from

time to time be found likely to prove useful to such candidates

4. The Memorialists respectfully request the Senate to use its influence

to obtain such an extended Charter, and so to enable the University of London to

take a still more important share in promoting the improved education of



Annie Harrison Macdonell, 149 Finborough Road, West Brompton

Mary Gurney, Tyndale Lodge, Wimbledon

Elizabeth Malleson, Camp Cottage, Wimbledon

Fanny Hertz, 145 Harley Street

Jane Dalzell Hill, 3 Morpeth Terrace, S.W.

Frances Martin, 22 Regent's Park Terrace

Frances Hensleigh Wedgewood, 31 Queen Anne Street

Caroline Crompton, 15 Phillimore Gardens

Mentia Taylor, Ashley Place, S.W.


Ladies' Educational Association

Fol. 2 r.


Millicent Garrett Fawcett, 42 Bessborough Gardens, London

Joshua Girling Fitch, 5 Lancaster Terrace, Regents' Park

E.A. Gerald Potter, 2 Grimsmore Gardens, Prince's Gate, S.W.

Reginald Stuart Poole, British Museum

Rachel S. Cook, 2 Connaught Square, Hyde Park

Louisa Innes Lumsden, Girton College Cambridge

A. Spottiswoode, 50 Grosvenor Place, S.W.

J.E. Mylne, 27 Oxford Square W.


Ladies' Educational Association

Fol. 2 v.


Dated 16th April 1874


Memorial of the Executive

Committee of the Ladies'

Educational Association,

London, to the Chancellor

Vice Chancellor and Senate

of the University of London