Emmeline Pankhurst 1

Letter from Emmeline Pankhurst urging militants to attend a deputation to Buckingham Palace

18 May 1914


Emmeline Pankhurst 1

Fol. 1 r.


                                                                                                         18 May 1914


Dear Friend,


The 21st of May is very close at and I write to remind you

of the very great importance of the action that you and I, as members

of the deputation, are to take on that day.


The gallant fight that has been made for the past few years, and

especially during the last twelve months, has made the question of

Votes for Women more living and more urgent than any other. It is

now only a handful of politicians who stand between us and victory.

Our deputation will go far to convince them of the futility of re-

sisting our enfranchisement.


The thought of the women who at this very moment are being

tortured by forcible feeding is more than enough to rouse us to

action. Let us bear in mind the fact that in going to Buckingham

Palace we are simply exercising our constitutional right – the only

right which we as voteless women possess.


It is some time now since the names of the deputation were en-

rolled and I think that all of us are glad that the moment for action

has arrived.

Yours sincerely,


Emmeline Pankhurst