"The madness of collecting; the sanity of pamphlets"

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Ron Heisler has been a dedicated collector of political printed materials for nearly six decades, having been profoundly affected by the Suez Crisis.

In an extraordinary expression of philanthropy that perfectly echoes its subject matter, he has donated his meticulously assembled books, pamphlets and journals to Senate House Library on a scale which it is hard to appreciate from sheer numbers, but stands at some 60,000 items.

Unified by its focus on radical political movements, the collection is unique in the wealth of items reflecting the influence of these ideas on all spheres of human endeavour, including art, literature and drama. As the movements the collection record recede further into history, the cultural value of this vigorously increasing and astoundingly rich collection will doubtless be ever more fully appreciated.

Mr Heisler will give a lecture on his own motivations for collecting, which he has titled with a characteristic self-deprecation.

You can find out more about the Ron Heisler Collection and how to view it here.

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