Radical Voices: a new season opens in Senate House Library

All I have is a voice, W.H. Auden wrote in his 1939 poem, ‘September 1, 1939’, and Senate House Library will be celebrating all those who have used their voices to argue for change and improvement throughout the last few centuries. The work of libraries and archives has long been to preserve the artefacts of these ideas, movements and activists and we are proud to make these many voices sing again. Today a free exhibition opens on the fourth floor in Senate House Library, displaying items representing myriad ways voices have been expressed.

  For example, over the past few hundred years, you could write about your ideas for change, like Robert Tressell's Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. This influential tale of the relationship between workers and the capitalist system is shown here in the 1927 reissue. 

  You could wear your hopes, like supporters  of womens' suffrage who wore buttonholes like this one made of silk flowers in the colours of the WSPU.

  And you could draw your views, like James Gillray, one of the first and most influential political cartoonists, who used his skills to satirize George III and his government in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Tickets to view the Radical Voices exhibition are free and available at the membership desk on the fourth floor of Senate House. Please see our operating hours before planning your visit.

In addition to the exhibition, the library will be hosting a series of events, including film nights, conferences, concerts and an ephemera road show. Please see our website for more information about these events and to register to attend.