Prof Roger Scruton to give lecture on 29 September

The inaugural lecture to launch the series will be given on Tuesday 29 September by the eminent writer and philosopher, Prof Roger Scruton. For over three decades he has taught at institutions on both sides of the Atlantic including Birkbeck College, Boston University, University of St. Andrews and more recently, at the University of Buckingham.The author of over thirty books, his research has covered aesthetics and the arts to the environment and the church.

Prof Scruton’s talk, Uses and Abuses of the Imagination, will be 18.00-19.00 in the Library’s Goldsmiths’ Reading Room. Admission is free but as space is limited, tickets are available on a first-come first -served basis. Tickets can be claimed at Eventbrite. A reception will follow the lecture.

Uses and Abuses of the Imagination

Without imagination we see only the facts, deprived of the possibilities that give their meaning. Our vision is narrowed, stultified, severed from any conception of the whole. Training the imagination, exploring other worlds with a view to understanding and judgment, is an essential part of knowing what we are.

However, imagination can also be abused. We can escape into unreal worlds. We can become locked in addictive and narcissistic pleasures, by the habit of conjuring their ready-made correlatives. Visual dominance and screen addiction have made this process ever more present in our lives. Is there anything we can do about it, anything that we ought to do? Or should we just fry our brains in snake oil?

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