Timothy Bright, John Foxe, and Apocalyptic Annotations

<p>John Foxe’s <em>Book of Martyrs</em> and works by Timothy Bright and John Bale feature in our Reformation exhibition. In this blog post, <a href="" title="Dr Mark Rankin">Dr Mark Rankin</a>, Associate Professor of English at James Madison University, Virginia, discusses an early reader’s annotations preserved within the Senate House Library’s copy of Bright’s abridgement of Foxe’s famous work, with reference to Bale.</p>
14 Aug 2017
Dr Mark Rankin

The Elzeviers: 1617-2017

<p>On 4 February 1617, Louis Elzevier died. He had founded a family firm which was to be prominent in printing, publishing and bookselling in the Netherlands throughout the seventeenth century; whose books were to spread throughout Europe; and whose output would become highly collectable. Senate House Library celebrates the anniversary, and its Elzevier Collection—Britain's only dedicated Elzevier Collection—here.</p>
19 Jun 2017
Dr Karen Attar